We are equipped with the tools and equipment needed to perform all automotive repairs from brake jobs and suspension components to engine and transmission overhauls. Check engine light on?  We have the scan tools and scopes necessary to quickly and efficiently find out why and move on to repairing your vehicle. We also have a full selection of TIRES available for order for next day installation!

We perform a thorough inspection on every vehicle that comes through our door. We have found that catching problems early can significantly reduce the cost of repairs during the life of the vehicle. There are many components to your car or truck, and they all interact with each other. A loose tie rod can lead to premature wear of tires as well as damage to other steering and suspension components.  By catching the original problem early, you save throughout the life of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today and enjoy the peace of mind tomorrow knowing your vehicle is in safe operable conditon and won't leave you stranded.
Auto Mechanics
At All Seasons Services, we pride ourselves on our electrical diagnostics abilities. Our techs don't just read codes and start replacing costly parts. It's our policy to know what failed and why.  In todays vehicles, there are miles of wire and countless electrical connections. Most vehicles have 5 to 15 seperate computers that all communicate with each other.  When your vehicle has a failure it may or may not light up your dash. That check engine light or ABS light means there is a fault somewhere. Successfully finding that fault is sometimes a challenge. 

A P0302 code is a misfire in cylinder 2. A vehicle can come in with a blinking check engine light and nothing but that code.  What it doesn't tell you is what is causing the misfire. It could be the ignition system with a bad spark plug or a bad coil. It could be the fuel system with a problem in a fuel injector.  It could be a mechanical problem with low compression or a bad intake leak. It could be a corroded connection on a wire at the Powertrain control module.  Guessing at this scenario could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in parts and still not resolve the issue.  I can't count the times the problem was in a corroded electrical connector and while taking some time to locate, required no parts and just cleaning of an electrical terminal somewhere.  If you have a light on your dash warning of a problem, or another electrical problem, call today to schedule an appointment. Our techs look forward to chasing down and repairing your electrical nightmares.

Vehicle Electronics
We service all major brands of ATV's, UTV's, Snowmobiles and Motrocycles. We have a fairly extensive inventory of parts on hand as well as suppliers for any OEM and aftermarket parts you may need. Whether it's an oil change or carburetor work, our techs will get your machine running it's best. 

(We do not work on off-brand chinese knock-off machines.  It is often cheaper to buy a new one, then repair a broken one.)
Power Sports
Review Before Buying

Buying a used car, pickup, ATV or motorcycle can be a gamble. While it might look great on the outside, you may be taking on other peoples problems. We offer our customers a complete pre purchase inspection. On most vehicles, the inspection runs under $75. If you purchase the vehicle after this inspection and have us perform any work we found during the inspection process, The total inspection fee will be waived from your repair invoice. 

If you find that the first vehicle you bring to our facility is not the vehicle for you, we will perform inspections on other cars you are looking at at a flat non refundable fee of $25. This offer is good for 10 days after the initial inspection.  Call anytime to schedule your inspection and avoid the hassles of costly vehicle repairs on your next purchase.

Unfortunately, the snow has arrived!  It's Minnesota, afterall. 
Call us for an estimate on plowing. 
We will plow in the area from Hwy 169 towards Coleraine to Hwy 10,
South to County Road 70 and back over to Hwy 65. 
We plow around Swan Lake, also.
If you are near our boundaries, give us a call!!
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